Legislative Priorities

2022-2023 Budget Request

FSU Top 10 $25,000,000
Operational Support Top 10 & AAU Readiness $20,000,000
Critical Electrical Infrastructure at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory $15,820,017
FAMU/FSU Integrated Advancement for the Joint College of Engineering $6,620,000
Dittmer Building Remodeling $5,400,000
Veterans Legacy Complex $2,500,000

2021-2022 Legislative Budget Outcomes

  Operating Budget    
49 General Revenue $303,061,892 145
  Included in the base:    
50   Boys and Girls State Housing (R) $200,000  
49   Student Veterans Center (R) $500,000  
    Nationally Ranked Operational Enhancement (R) $15,000,000  
    Institute of Politics (R) $1,000,000  
    Institute for Child Welfare (R) $10,000,000  
4 Lottery $71,303,155 15
50 Student and Other Fees $229,310,768 145
53 Student Financial Assistance $1,467,667 154
50 SUS Performance Based Incentive (proviso) $560,000,000 145
  College of Medicine    
52  General Revenue $35,359,083 150
   Student and Other Fees $14,989,434  
5  Lottery $824,574 19
51 FAMU/FSU College of Engineering $14,541,522 146
51 Florida Postsecondary Academic Library Network $1,836,500 145A
6 SUS Capital Improvement Fee Projects $48,000,000 18
7 FSU Interdisciplinary Research Commercialization Bldg. $23,492,086 20B
6 SUS Lab School PECO
Proviso: ...shall be distributed among the lab schools based upon full-time equivalent student membership.
$7,673,357 20
453 FSU College of Business Building $30,500,000 Section 151
16 Honorably Discharged Graduate Assistance/GAP
Proviso: ... are provided for supplemental need-based veteran educational benefits. Funds shall be used to assist in the payment of living expenses during holiday and semester breaks for active duty and honorably discharged members of the Armed Forces who served on or after September 11, 2001. To ensure students in both public and private institutions have an opportunity to receive funding, allocations to institutions shall be prorated based on the number of total eligible students at eligible institutions.
$1,000,000 NR 72
26 Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource Ctr. General Revenue FSU $450,000 R 98
27 Autism/CARD - FSU College of Medicine General Revenue $1,224,008 R 103
37 Public Broadcasting   120
   Statewide Gov. & Cultural Affairs Programming $497,522  
   Florida Channel Closed Captioning - GR $390,862  
   Florida Channel Year Round Coverage GR +proviso $2,714,588  
   FSU Public Television $320,400  
   FSU Public Radio Stations $100,000  
   FSU Satellite Transponder $800,000  
   Public Radio Stations Recurring Base Appropriations Project $1,300,000  
   Florida Public Radio Emergency Network Storm Ctr. $166,270  
  Proviso ... From the funds provided in Specific Appropriation 121, "Governmental Affairs for Public Television" shall be produced by the same contractor selected by the Legislature to produce "The Florida Channel".
From the funds provided in Specific Appropriation 121 for the Florida Channel Satellite Transponder Operations, the Florida Channel shall contract for the leasing, management and operation of the state transponder with the same public broadcasting station that produces the Florida Channel.
50 Performance Incentives
Proviso ... $560,000,000 is provided for State University System Performance Based Incentives. The funds available for allocation to the universities based on the performance funding model shall consist of the state’s investment of $265,000,000 in performance funding, plus an institutional investment of $295,000,000 consisting of funds to be redistributed from the base funding of the State University System...
$560,000,000 145
50 Proviso: ... the Board of Governors Foundation shall distribute $257,500 to state universities for Johnson Scholarships in accordance with section 1009.75, F.S… 145
119 FSU Behavioral Health $285,000 515
351 Proviso ... may be utilized to promote and enhance collaborative research among State Universities. The Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model located at Florida International University may consult with the private sector and the Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center ... $969,689 2487
418 State Health Insurance Plans and Benefits Proviso
State Paid Premiums
a. For the coverage period beginning August 1, 2021, the state share of the State Group Health Insurance Standard and High Deductible Health Plan premiums to the executive, legislative and judicial branch agencies shall continue at $763.46 per month for individual coverage and $1,651.08.
Section 8
419 State Health Insurance Plans and Benefits Proviso
Employee Paid Premiums
a. For the coverage period beginning August 1, 2019, the employee share of the health insurance premiums for the standard plans shall continue to be $50 per month for individual coverage and $180 per month for family coverage.
Section 8
422 Proviso ... Each state agency, at the discretion of the agency head, may expend funds provided in this act for bar dues and for legal education courses for employees who are required to be a member of the Florida Bar as a condition of employment. Section 8

The following fixed capital outlay projects may be constructed, acquired, and financed by a university or university direct support organization. Financing mechanisms include any form of approved debt or bonds authorized by the Board of Governors.

Florida State University - 200 W. College Avenue - Administrative office building
Florida State University - 535 W. College Avenue Administrative and guest services

Section 18
431 A university board of trustees may expend available reserves or carryforward balances from previous years’ operational and programmatic appropriations for deferred maintenance needs at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center. Section 19