February 28, 2022
Volume 29, Number 8

Dear Seminole Family,

Thank you for taking a few moments to read this week’s Legisletter. As we begin the next to last week of the 2022 Legislative Session, the House and Senate continue to work toward agreement on a joint budget allocation. Following that agreement, the chambers will appoint conferees and begin the formal budget negotiation process. All of the negotiations and debate must occur in time for the mandatory 72-hour “cooling off” period prior to Sine Die.

Substantive bills also continue to move through the committee process and are also being heard on the floors of the respective chambers.

Below you will find updates on some of the bills that we are tracking related to the work of the University. Please reach out to me or Toni Moore if you have any questions about these bills or anything related to the legislative process.

I wish you all the best and am grateful for your interest in keeping FSU and the state university system in Florida the best in the country as we continue to educate the next generation of elite students.

Yours in Seminole Spirit,

Clay Ingram

Spotlight on Bills