June 6, 2022
Volume 29, Number 10

Dear Seminole Family,

Yesterday Governor DeSantis signed into law the 2022-2023 budget of $109.9 billion along with vetoed items totaling $3.1 billion. All of FSU’s priorities were funded. Below are some highlights of this year’s budget.

The following projects are new initiatives appropriated by the Legislature and approved by the Governor:

FSU Health $125,000,000 NR
FSU- Operational Support $45,000,000
FSU MagLab $16,800,000 NR
FSU- Institute of Politics $5,000,000
FSU/FAMU College of Engineering- Operational Support $6,620,000
American Legion Boys and Girls State Housing at FSU $200,000 NR
FSU MagLab- Electrical Upgrades $8,310,017 NR
FSU- Deferred Maintenance $66,187,052 NR
FSU Panama City- Deferred Maintenance $5,000,000 NR
PIPELINE Nursing Education Fund $1,803,970

NR= Nonrecurring

The following projects are recurring projects that were eligible for veto but were approved by the Governor:

FSU- Student Veterans Center $500,000
FSU- Florida Institute for Child Welfare $10,000,000
SUS- Performance-Based Funding- Maintained Current Year Appropriation $560,000,000

For the purpose of transitioning the State Data Center to the Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC), the following funds were provided by the Legislature and approved by the Governor:

NWRDC- State Data Center Management $58,670,236
NWRDC- Leave Payout for Transferred Employees $1,539,245 NR
NWRDC- Administrative Fee $5,000,000 NR
NWRDC- Gap Analysis $5,000,000 NR
NWRDC- Replacement Hardware $10,000,000 NR
NWRDC- Modernization & Mitigation $163,350,762 NR

NR= Nonrecurring

In addition, we secured vital budget authority language included in the General Appropriations Act and language in the Implementing bill, both of which have been approved by the Governor. Please see the language excerpts below:

In the General Appropriations Act: “A university board of trustees may expend available reserves or carryforward balances from previous years’ operational and programmatic appropriations for deferred maintenance needs at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center.”

In the Implementing Bill: “In order to implement Specific Appropriation 145 of the 2022-2023 General Appropriations Act, Florida State University is authorized under s. 1010.62(2)(a), Florida Statutes, to use revenues derived from the student facilities use fees authorized by s. 1009.24(14)(p), Florida Statutes, to pay and secure debt with annual debt service in an amount not to exceed $4 million to finance or refinance the university’s new Student Union Project.”

Below you will find a final update on some of the bills that were tracked this session related to the work of the University along with a final budget reference guide. If there is a bill you are interested in that is not included in the summary below, please feel free to reach out to our office.

I am grateful for all of the support shown by so many stakeholders in getting to this final outcome. I especially want to recognize our friends in the Senate and in the House, the Executive Office of the Governor, our on-campus legislative liaisons, our Board of Trustees, President McCullough, and the campus administration for their contributions to our success.

Best wishes for a wonderful summer and I look forward to working with you when legislative hearings begin for the 2023 Legislative Session this fall.


Clay Ingram

2022-23 Quick Budget Reference Guide

Spotlight on Bills

Spotlight on Bills